1. Egonovella

Egonovella (ego = sense of self, novella = a short novel) was written as a result of the exploration, and subsequent externalization, of the part (and parts) of ourselves that craft the story of who we are in the world.

This song is about confronting your ego, giving her a name, and recognizing the stories she is feeding you on a daily basis that keep you stuck and hiding from life.


Filmed by: Mark Kerrey and Laus
Concept, editing and post-production by: Laus

Written and produced by: Laus
Mixed by: Erik Severinson
Mastered by: Elisa Pangsaeng @ cps mastering
Bass performed by: Erik Severinson
Violin performed by: John Kastelic
Violin recorded by: Jeff Zipp at Light Machine Records



Eyes closed, mind wide
Digging a hole, who am I?
Tight chest, heart blow
What are the reasons, where should I go?

She takes my heart in her hands everyday

No sleep, heart hurts
Going in circles, when will I learn?
Uptight, hollow
Highly functioning never know

She takes my heart in her hands everyday

How I wish that I could be

Free of